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Top 5 programming languages in 2020

As we know that the technologies are rapidly growing and changing to new and advanced technology every year. there is a high need for good programmers in the upcoming years. if you are going to learn to program to be a best and profitable programmer then you should know and upgrade yourself with the latest technologies. there are more than 800 programming languages and some of them very popular and currently in use. so now the important question is which programming language best and getting the highest scope in the future and why you should learn it in 2020.

Top 5 programming languages in 2020.

  • 5. Golang.
  • 4. Swift.
  • 3. Java.
  • 2. JavaScript.
  • 1. Python.

5. Golang.
Golang is gonna see a great amount of rising in 2020 that’s my personal prediction. the language is pretty much already popular and is scaling quite a lot at the back end services. It can handle a ton of data and a ton of services are being designed in the Golang. it’s pretty popular the back end side in 2019 it didn’t get that much of the popularity that this language actually deserved. So, I think that in 2020 the Golang is gonna be rising quite a lot and it’s the one language that you should really watch out, now moving with the programming is not about just learning the function and loops and variables it’s not about that.

4. Swift.
At number 4 in 2020, I’m gonna keep Swift although it was a top choice keeping the swift on number 4 because in 2020 we’re gonna see a little bit in the decline in the swift programming language in the previous time we were having just one single option if we want to enter into the iOS world. (Iphones) these devices are definitely expensive but they are really huge quantity all over the globe, missing out entirely on the iOS market is not at all a good choice but now swift is not the only way that we can enter into to the iOS market we have the flutter, we have to React native and a whole bunch other things as well. So definitely in 2020 you are gonna see a little bit decline in the popularity of the swift programming language but still, some of the things can only be done still in the swift in the iOS environment especially the payment stuff so definitely we ‘re gonna see a decline but still worth learning. Because iOS is a huge market very good potential and also the competition is less there among programmers.

3. Java.
At number 3, I’m gonna keep JAVA in this 2020 spot. there is no shortage of people holding the devices which are running android but java is not the only way to reach up in these devices and creating an android app there is a huge number of applications frameworks and libraries are there which can reach out to the android market. One of the reasons for keeping java at number 3 spot still because we have already seen a little bit decline in the popularity of java but still well the things which are still keeping java running and probably is ganna boost it up a lot more is gonna be spring boot. Spring boot is getting in numerous popularity these days because of the some of the refinements and the frameworks that have been done it was already great but not so much with the recent update it has become fantastic if you are looking forward to learning java, I think to extend your knowledge up to the spring boot as well and go in that area it’s gonna be really amazing in 2020.

2.  JavaScript.
At spot number 2 I’m gonna keep JavaSript. Android, iOS, Web and the desktop, JavaScript is almost everywhere and it’s gonna just increase its spread. JavaScript nowadays is providing the ultimate business solution and that is the reason why it’s almost at the number one spot in the local job market no matter what the country is. No matter how great your product you are building or no matter how much you are applying machine learning as a solution for that in the backend, people still need interface and that interface can be in the android, iOs or the next spot that’s why JaveScript is providing all the solution out there and I believe that it’s gonna be a number one spot quickly and easily finding job. it’s growing quite a lot and I think this is the one language if you’re looking forward to quick job or to design an interface for your amazing product this is the one language that most of the industries are choosing up although on the popularity side in the top 5 graphs and keeping JavaScript at point number 2, but I would still keep this JavaScript as a point number one in case of the job market and how easy it is to grab a job if you are a JavaScript developer.

1. Python.
At spot number 1, I would like to keep Python and there is a good side to it and there is a bad side to it. Python is now being introduced as the very first language in the majority of universities all over the globe. this means the students are being focused and are being exposed over the python from the very first start of their life of engineering or the programming world and of course with the rise of focus on a variety of machine learning and the data science field. we’re also seeing that python is becoming very popular to the new programmers and when new programmers actually pick up a programming language, it’s destined to become number one spot in almost every list that you are going to see in the top fine programming language

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